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Renting of Lagstad Hembygdsgård

Lagstad Hembygdsgård is located in Esbo center closely to the medieval church on the other side of the river Esboån.
Address: Gamla Lagstadsvägen 4, 02770 ESBO

The rooms on the ground floor (Lagstad) can be rented for weddings and other family events. The rooms are also suitable for meetings, exhibitions and smaller concerts and other similar kind of events. The size of the rooms are: Suna 55 m2 , Doms 44,5 m2 and the buffet room 35,5 m2.
The meeting room Kirsti on the second floor is suitable for meetings with 20-25 persons. There is a small kitchen next to the meeting room with possibilities for making coffee and tea for the attendees.

Chairs, tables, dishes and cutlery as well as other kitchen equipment is available for 100 persons when renting Lagstad(ground floor). The kitchen of catering type is well equipped. The rent includes the use of the kitchen and its equipment. The kitchen is equipped with coffee machines, water heater, coffee set, microwave oven, stove with oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

The lessee is responsible to leave the facilities in the same shape as at the arrival, including placement of tables and chairs. Cleaning is done as deemed necessary.
AV-equipment (monitors, video projector, microphone, speakers) and use of WIFI included in rent prize.

monday – fridayHalf day
6 h
Whole day
08.00 – 01.00
3 h
Lagstad ground floor350 €600 €150 €
saturday – sundayHalf day
6 h
Whole day
08.00 – 01.00
Weekend package
fri 18.00 – sun 11.00
Lagstad ground floor600 €900 €1 300 €
Hour based renting á 50 €/h. Minimibooking/charge 2 h = 100 €.

Extra services:

Cleaning100 €

Booking of rooms

Via electronic calendar on our home page where free and booked hours are visible. Confirmation of booking is sent via email immediately after booking.
Questions and for agreeing on visits please contact via

phone: 040-843 4903

Rental conditions
Time of rental

  • Reserve enough time for your event because the facilities need to be left in the same condition as on arrival. Event preparations and cleaning needs to be done within the booked time.
  • Exceeding the booked time triggers an extra fee for each started hour (70 €)
  • Access to the premises is granted with a door code which is active during the booked renting time

  • A booking confirmation bill, á 150 €, is sent within 14 days from booking. The booking expires if not paid in time.
  • A final bill is sent within 14 days after the event

    Permits and other terms
  • The lessee is responsible to acquire needed permits from authorities and to see to that they are followed. Security needs to be monitored both inside and outside. The rented premises cannot be rented further. You need to leave the premises within the agreed time frame, but no later than 01.00.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building
  • Please note that the second floor can be simultaneously rented by others.

    Cancelling conditions
  • Cancellation later than 14 days before agreed date, full rent is charged
  • Cancellation 14 – 30 days before agreed date the booking reservation fee is not returned
  • Cancellation more than 30 days before agreed date the booking reservation fee is returned. A handling cost of 50 € is though withdrawn

    Security instructions
    Lagstad hembygdsgård, with surroundings, is a historically valuable building and our lessees are expected to take this into account when renting. The following rules apply:
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building
  • Forbidden to attach anything to the walls
  • Only tealights are allowed inside
  • Outside votive candles are allowed but not on the stairs or close to the buildings
  • Electrical devices need to be shut down when leaving the building

  • The lessee is responsible for that the premises, including the kitchen and toilets, are cleaned according to instructions before leaving
  • Furnishing setup needs to be restored
  • Recycling bins for plastic, metal, glass and cardboard are available outside next to the entrance
  • For insufficient cleaning/refurnishing an extra fee (100-200 euro) is charged

    Cleaning instructions
    Next to the kitchen necessary tools for cleaning can be found.
  • Wipe off tables and chairs according to needs
  • Restore furnishing setup to how it was at arrival
  • Broom/vacuum clean floors and if needed wash
  • All trash needs to be taken out to the containers outside next to the parking lot
  • Outside remove votive candles and possible other trash

    In the kitchen
  • Return dishes and cutlery to their right places
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Empty the refrigerator and wipe off if needed
  • Shut down all equipment including water supply for the coffee machine and the dish washer
  • Take outside all trashes to the containers