Lagstad hembygdsgård

Address: Vanha Lagstadintie 4, 02770 Espoo.
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In this building the first municipal school of Esbo, Lagstad folkskola, started in 1873. The school grew rapidly and in 1954 it moved to new premises at Esbogatan 7 where it still is.

Different municipal institutions continued their operations in the building until Esbo hembygdsförening in 1999 rented the building from the city of Espoo. A renovation was done together with the city of Espoo where the setup was restored to how it was back in 1954. Lagstad hembygdsgård was taken into use 26.5.2002. The renovation was planned by architect Sirkka Wegelius and the job was performed by Oy Byra Ab with Ove Lindholm as responsible builder.

Esbo hembygdsförening is responsible for the activities in the building. The association arranges different kind of events, that can be found in our event calendar. The premises can also be rented for e.g. family events and other meetings. There are two options to choose from. Meeting room Kirsti on the second floor that can host up to 20-25 persons or the ground floor (Lagstad) which can host approximately 100 persons.

Inquiries and booking of Lagstad hembygdsgård: 

phone 040-843 4903,
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